• Consciencia Genosomática

    Genosomatic Consciousness

  • a link that allows communication and consciousness

  • between the somatic body

  • the experiential body and the transgenerational body

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Our Projects

Biological Decoding Mexico

Biological Decoding Mexico is a space of learning and training where theory and practice are intertwined to develop the awareness of our life experiences and their biological expressions within the body.

Genosomatic Consciousness

It is a new way of finding oneself and live a life of dynamic health, balance, transformation and biological consciousness.

 Integrative psychogenealogy

It is a space of learning and training that allows us to explore our genealogical tree, the « tree of life ». Thus we can link ourselves to it in a different way, an integrative way.


Creadora del método Conscience Génosomatique ®

Docente internacional y fundadora de Descodificación Biológica México, Psicogenealogía Integrativa y del Centro de Consciencia Genosomática.


Our Teams

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